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Harefield Lodge History

The idea came at a birthday party, W Bro Jack Myers, the landlord of the Kings Arms in Harefield, whose birthday party it was, invited all known freemasons living and working in Harefield to celebrate his birthday. 

The Harefield Lodge was formed from members mainly from Uxbridge Lodge 7066. (Harefield lodge’s Mother Lodge)

Harefield Freemasons Lodge founded here

The Lodge was consecrated on the 30th September 1955, at Freemasons Hall, by the 6th Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Phillip Bull.  W. Bro. T. Maisham an Australian residing in the village was the first Master. The first regular meeting took place on 27th October 1955 at Uxbridge Masonic Hall, Windsor Road, Uxbridge. When Henry (Harry) Thrift became the first initiate. 

On 25th October 1956, the lodge again welcomed the Provincial Grand Master to dedicate the Lodge Banner, which depicts the memorial arch at the Anzac cemetery next to St. Mary’s Church in Harefield. The banner takes pride of place at every meeting, and was donated to the Lodge by Bro. F. Scannell of Citadel Lodge No.1897. The memorial arch is also shown on the past master's jewel and on the founder's jewel.

By W. Bro. Peter Witts

Peter has much more information and can be contacted by phone (020 8723 5429)

or by email (see the Contact Us section).



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